The Reluctant Dragon

Based on the short story by Kenneth Grahame, The Reluctant Dragon tells the tale of a friendly and kind-hearted dragon, who is nothing like the fire-breathing beasts you might have heard of before!

One day, the dragon meets a young girl and strikes up an unlikely friendship. When word of the dragon reaches the King, he sends his best knights to rid the land of the creature. Will the knights succeed or will the girl and the dragon be able to convince the kingdom that there is more to the dragon than meets the eye?


An adventure with Puppets, Shadow-puppetry, Knights, Sheep and of course a dragon there is something for everyone.  

The Shepard and His Sheep
The Cast of the Reluctant Dragon
Neak the Dragon
The Puppet Dance
The Shepard and His Wife
Putting out the Dragons fire
Scaring a Knight
One of our Knights
The Shepard and his Wife meet

Loved today, both myself and my daughter (4yrs) were glued to the performance. Its very cleverly put together to be enjoyed by all ages; with fun interactivity for the younger children and an emotional storytelling for older children (and Adults!)


Botterill Family.

Wind in the Willows

Join Mole, Ratty, Badger and their excitable friend Toad, as they go on adventures along the riverbank and through the countryside.  Not everything in the Wilde Wood is as it should be though.  Soon they discover a terrible plot from Chief Weasel to take Toad Hall for himself.  In order to stop him, they’ll have to work together to stop the villainous weasels from taking control.
Filled with larger than life puppets, songs, dances, interactive sets and a huge heap of adventure, ‘Wind in the Willows’ is sure to delight an audience of all ages.
A magical and brand new adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's classic novel that features songs, dances, puppetry, interactive sets and lots more!
Wind In the Willows Show Rugby
Badger giving a speech
Toad escaping the police
Ratty and Mole at Badgers Burrow
Mole's Day Out
Ratty, Badger and Mole
Mole and Ratty enjoy a boat ride
The Horse and Cart Ride
Badger and Ratty



Great show for adults & children alike - loved the ideas, songs and enthusiam



Back in Time for Breakfast

Meet Millie, a young girl whose family live and work on a secluded lighthouse island.  She dreams of exploring, traveling to amazing places and having lots of adventures.  One night she makes her wish on a shooting star.  Little does she know that her wish will not only come true but it will change her life forever when a mysterious and a rather odd traveler crashes his ship on the island. 
Together, with your help, they must go on a magical adventure to help save the planet!  Featuring playful puppetry, interactive sets, imaginative storytelling and much much more! 
'Back in Time for Breakfast' featured at the 'Stratford-Upon-Avon Arts Festival' where it won 'Best Children's Show'.  It was also nominated for 'Best New Writing' and 'Best Production' awards.  
In 2016 it performed at 'Shoot Festival' and was shortlisted for the 'Artist Development Award'.  
Jackie the Jaguar
Back in Time for Breakfast - Shoot Festival
Jasper and Mille in the Amazon
Marvin the Monkey causing mischief
Jasper's Amazing Ship
Jasper and Millie in Australia
The Amazon Rainforest
Percy the Penguin
Back In Time For Breakfast Poster


Thank you for such an amazing show. My 2 boys really enjoyed it! We are off to tell our friends all about you. We look forward to your next Show in the Winter!



The Beard Family.